Advanced Stand Up Comedy

Teacher: Caroline Clifford

Have you been doing stand-up for 6+ months ? Think you're pretty good? Well we think you could be a lot better :D This class involves 3 open mics that you video yourself, and which I will provide detailed notes about, and 3 intense group feedback sessions with detailed notes, it's not for the faint hearted! Get out of that bubble, really challenge yourself and find out why you should drop that Tinder joke.

When you're doing stand-up you can really get stuck in your own head, your material can start to lose all meaning. It's just these word shapes with pauses where people laugh (or not) - sometimes it's great to let other people dissect your work, whether you like the feedback or not!

You will receive constructive critisism and personal notes on your set, mainly from me but also from others in the group. Benefit from my 12+ years experience as a comedian, and 10+ years running shows. I'll point out your lazy writing, cliches and who knows, maybe there's some old in them thar hills! Perform, feedback, rewrite and repeat. It may hurt your ego but it's extremely useful.

What this course covers:

  • Rolling laughter
  • Putting jokes in your jokes
  • Belly laughs not barely laughs
  • Write about what you care about
  • Charisma
  • Magnification
  • Specifics
  • Handling edgy topics

...and much more!


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