Welcome to The Berlin Stand Up School

This school is a collaboration between 2 of Berlin’s most experienced stand-up comedians Paul Salamone and Caroline Clifford. We aim to impart our combined 20 years (omg we’re so old!) of comedy experience, directly to YOU through a syllabus of expertly crafted and tried and tested classes and workshops. People love our courses, they’re always full!

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  • Advanced Stand Up Comedy

    Have you been doing stand-up for 6+ months ? Think you're pretty good, well we think you could be a lot better 😀 This class involves 4 open mics (recorded) and 4 intense feedback sessions with detailed notes, it's not for the faint hearted! Get out of that bubble, really challenge yourself and find out why you should drop that Tinder joke. Read More
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  • Advanced Crowdwork

    Building on skills learned in  Hosting & Crowdwork, we’ll go deeper with the crowdwork topic, with all-new exercises and some refreshers designed to get you deeper into the moment and able to find the funny of any show... Read More

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  • A2 Stand-up Comedy

    Did you take the beginner's class and then stalled? Or you used to do stand-up and somehow let it fall by the wayside? This class is definitely for you. It includes an intensive recap of the beginners class, and all the usual intense performance and personalised note-giving. It could be just the class you need! Read More
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  • Beginner's Stand-Up Comedy Intensive

    Join Caroline Clifford's thrilling beginners class that's already made a huge impact on the Berlin scene. Leap-frog that initial noob phase and start your comedy career with a bang! Read More
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