Welcome to The Berlin Stand Up School

This school is a collaboration between 2 of Berlin’s most experienced stand-up comedians Paul Salamone and Caroline Clifford. We aim to impart our combined 20 years (omg we’re so old!) of comedy experience, directly to YOU through a syllabus of expertly crafted and tried and tested classes and workshops. People love our courses, they’re always full!

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  • Advanced Crowdwork

    Building on skills learned in  Hosting & Crowdwork, we’ll go deeper with the crowdwork topic, with all-new exercises and some refreshers designed to get you deeper into the moment and able to find the funny of any show... Read More

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  • A2 Stand-up Comedy

    Did you take the beginner's class and then stalled? Or you used to do stand-up and somehow let it fall by the wayside? This class is definitely for you. It includes an intensive recap of the beginners class, and all the... Read More
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